Lease Financing (A1441)
This directive helps to ensure that the City of Edmonton receives the best possible financial and operational benefits when considering lease financing arrangements (not including real estate leases). This directive provides a formalized guideline to assist in selecting the appropriate financing method for required tangible assets.
Procedure: Lease Financing
Attachment I: Lease/Buy Considerations
Attachment II: Leasing Roles Matrix

Leave of Absence with Pay (A1105A)

Leave of Absence without Pay (A1106B)

Legal Holds - Preservation of Records Relating to Legal Action (A1458) 
The purpose of this Directive is to ensure the City is meeting its obligations with respect to the preservation of records necessary for legal action and allow the City full opportunity to defend or initiate legal action. It also establishes guidelines for City employees to follow to preserve and gather records the City has that are needed for lawsuits or other legal actions that are or may be brought by or against it.
Procedure: Legal Holds - Preservation of Records Relating to Legal Action

Lieu Days (A1109)

Local Authorities Pension Plan - Participation (A1119C) This Directive outlines the City’s practices in respect of the participation of employees in the Local Authorities Pension Plan, subject to the provisions of the Public Sector Pension Plans Act and Regulations made pursuant to Schedule I of the Act.
Procedure: Local Authorities Pension Plan - Participation


Maintenance of City Owned Facilities (A1403A)

Maintenance of Emergency Vehicles  (A1400A)

Management/Professional Employees' Compensation (A1114C)
This directive provides for fair, equitable and consistently applied processes and guidelines for compensating Management and Professional employees that will contribute to the City of Edmonton being able to attract and retain a diverse, engaged, productive, and talented workforce.
Procedure: Management/Professional Employees' Compensation
Attachment I: Management Administrative Guidelines
Addendum: Management Vacation Entitlements

Membership Fees in Associations and Organizations (A1107A)

Military Leave with Pay (A1450)
This directive ensures that City of Edmonton employees who serve in the military are able to do so without detriment to their career or remuneration as a City of Edmonton employee.
Procedure: Military Leave with Pay

Municipal Funding Arrangements (A1476)