Please note: The information on this webpage still reflects the policies and regulations that were in effect prior to Zoning Bylaw 20001 coming into effect on January 1, 2024. 

If you have specific questions regarding how the current zoning regulations apply to your project, please refer to Zoning Bylaw 20001, speak with your Development Planner, or email us at

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About Development Permit Inspections

A development permit inspection confirms that new construction is completed according to an approved development permit and allows the City to collect landscape securities.

Development permit inspections are required for:

  • Commercial, industrial, and basic services uses
  • Community, educational, recreational and cultural service uses
  • Multi-residential uses (apartments and stacked row-housing)
  • Residential infill in mature neighbourhoods

The Permit Inspection Process

Development Permit Inspection Process

Applicants are notified if they require a development permit inspection when they apply for a development permit. See Development Permit Inspections for which projects might require an inspection.

Site Inspection

The development permit inspection will occur before construction is complete.

If any compliance issues are identified during an inspection, City staff will work with applicants to resolve these issues before enforcement action is taken.

Inspection Results

Check mark graphic If the inspector finds that the development complies with the approved development permit, no further action is required.

Incomplete Development graphic If the development does not comply with the approved development permit, the inspector may request the applicant to:

  • Complete the development as it was approved; or
  • Submit securities for unfinished landscaping (for major development permits only).

A follow-up inspection will be scheduled to ensure action has been taken.

Development Permit Inspections

Inspections will occur before construction is complete. An inspection date can be requested by the applicant or a date will be automatically scheduled.

While workers and staff are welcome to be present during an inspection, it is not necessary as these inspections do not require interior access to the building.

Inspections focus on:

  • Landscaping and soft surfacing (includes mature trees)
  • Window and door placement
  • Hard surfacing (for example, concrete)
  • Parking
  • Loading areas
  • Garbage collection areas
  • Any other appropriate conditions

Development permit inspections fees will be collected at the time of application and will differ depending on the application type.

2024 Fees

Effective January 1, 2024

Development permit inspection fees for  New Single Detached Housing, Duplex, Semi-detached, and Backyard Homes (formerly Garden Suites) are included in the development permit fees .

All Other Types $550*

*In addition to a development permit inspection fee, major development permits will require securities for projects with landscaping requirements. See Landscape Securities for more information.

Landscape Securities

A landscape security is money paid by the applicant and collected by the City to cover the cost of landscaping and ensures that landscaping is completed according to the approved development permit plans.

Securities are only required for major development permits (commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential).

There are two types of securities collected during the development permit inspection process:

  1. Landscaping Completion Securities are collected if landscaping is incomplete at the time of the inspection.
    • If landscaping is not completed at the time of the inspection, a security may be collected at 100% of the value of the outstanding work (with a minimum of $3000).  Note: the security will contain a 10% contingency.
    • This security will be released to the applicant once an inspector confirms that the work has been completed.
  2. Landscaping Maintenance Securities are collected to ensure landscaping is maintained for the required two-year maintenance period.
    • If landscaping is completed at the time of the inspection, a security will be collected at 20% of the value of that landscaping.
    • This security will be released to the applicant after the two-year maintenance period in order to ensure that the landscaping survives.

For more information on landscaping requirements and if a landscaping security is required for your project, please refer to Section 55 of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw.

Booking a Landscaping Inspection

If your development permit was approved before May 31, 2017, you will still need to submit a landscaping security to the City before your drawings are released for building permit review.

To have your security refunded, you will need to request a landscape inspection through our inspection request form.

Development Permit Inspections video