About Street Light Rehabilitation

In mature neighbourhoods, the majority of the lighting systems are at the end of their life expectancy. Deteriorated poles, bases and wiring require replacement to ensure safe, efficient operation and reduce future repairs.

The priority sequence of the street light installation:

  1. Light the roadway to provide a safe and functional roadway system
  2. Ensure legal and safe clearances from existing utilities, trees and tree canopies
  3. Minimize capital costs and ongoing maintenance costs
  4. Minimize environmental impact

What is Replaced?

  • Street Light Poles – new galvanized poles
  • Underground Bases – new concrete bases
  • Electrical wiring system – updated wiring to new electrical codes 
  • Light fixtures – new fixtures
  • Standard galvanized poles are installed with standard light fixtures

Decorative Street Lights

Have features which include pole styles, arm types, and colour options. They will have no increase in power or light levels. There is a Local Improvement Process to have decorative street lights installed.

Light Levels

New fixtures provide improved light uniformity and distribution. The light is directed down to the road/sidewalk in comparison to the existing lighting resulting in less light pollution.

Benefits of Moving Poles

  • Provide proper light levels for vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Have little or no impact on trees and tree canopies
  • Ensure legal and safe clearance from utilities are maintained
  • Ensure the clearance for accesses such as alley entrances and driveways are met
  • Least amount of impact on the residents