Pedestrian control devices, including crosswalks and traffic signals, help protect people when they cross the street.

Pedestrian Right of Way

Pedestrian control devices don't guarantee a person's safety. Always obey traffic signals and check that traffic has stopped before stepping into the street.

Not all crosswalks are marked, but the Traffic Safety Act stipulates the rules of pedestrian safety should be followed at all intersections.

  • When pedestrians indicate their intention to cross the street, vehicles must stop before the crosswalk and allow them to cross
  • When a pedestrian has entered a marked or unmarked crosswalk, drivers must yield the right-of-way
  • When stopping for a pedestrian at a crosswalk, drivers should stop their vehicles far enough back (about two to three car lengths) so traffic in other lanes will be able to see the pedestrian and have time to stop

Drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians can be ticketed and fined $575.