Neighbourhood Reconstruction is scheduled for Eastwood and Elmwood Park as part of the 2020-22 construction program.

Construction Update - April 2021

The second year of neighbourhood renewal construction in Eastwood/Elmwood Park started in April 2021. Construction began in spring 2020 and is progressing on-time and on-budget with a planned completion in November 2022.

2021 Work

2021 construction started the third week of April covering the areas in Project 5, Project 6 and Project 7 (see Project Map). The 2021 construction season will include:

  • Reconstruction and paving of roads
  • Removal and replacement of public sidewalks, curbs and gutters
  • Street lighting in the identified project areas

In early May, the landscape subcontractor will complete the remaining topsoil and sod placement in the 2020 areas which did not receive sod. These areas include 80 Street to Fort Road, between 120 Avenue and 123 Avenue, and also along 123 Avenue, between 82 Street and 85 Street. In addition, any identified deficiencies in the 2020 area will be addressed by the contractor’s repair crew in addition to carrying out the 2021 scope.

Please watch your mailbox for construction bulletins that will provide more information along with detail for any concerns regarding landscaping and access.

Neighbourhood Reconstruction

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About the Project

Eastwood and Elmwood Park have been chosen for reconstruction beginning in spring 2020. Neighbourhood reconstruction in Eastwood and Elmwood Park is expected to be a 3-year renewal with anticipated completion in 2022.

Construction in Eastwood/Elmwood Park consists of the removal and replacement of public sidewalk, curbs and gutters, alley crossings, curb crossings, catch basin realignment, streetlight replacement, the reconstruction and paving of the road, and placement of topsoil and sod.

What We Decided Report - May 2020

The What We Decided Report describes the final designs for Eastwood/Elmwood Park's neighbourhood renewal, including when and how the City used policy and program information, public engagement input and technical requirements to make project decisions.

What We Decided

Eastwood/Elmwood Park Neighbourhood Renewal

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