Baturyn has been chosen for Neighbourhood and Alley Renewal. Construction began in spring 2023 and is expected to wrap up in fall 2025.

Construction update - November 2023

Neighbourhood Renewal construction in Baturyn Neighbourhood has wrapped up for the 2023 construction season! 

2023 construction began in May and finished the 4th week of October. The 2023 construction season was a success and we completed all planned construction including:

  • The reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and new street lights in the 2023 area in the scope map below
  • Work in Baturyn Park including installation of 2 children’s game areas with features like glow-in-the-dark concrete plaza and construction of shared pathways

Baturyn Neighbourhood Renewal Yearly Scope Split Map

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There are some areas in the 2023 construction area that still require sod. Once the weather warms up, typically in early May, the landscape subcontractor will be completing the topsoil and sod placement. By waiting until spring, the sod is more likely to establish. 

If new sod was installed on the City’s right-of-way outside your home during this construction season, there are some steps you can take to ensure it takes before winter. 

  1. Ensure you water it regularly
  2. Avoid using salt during the winter months to defrost the area as that can kill the sod

Neighbourhood Renewal work will resume in the Baturyn neighbourhood  in the first week of May 2024, weather permitting. The planned scope for 2024 will include the reconstruction of roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutters and new street lights in the 2024 area of the scope map above. Prior to work resuming, construction notifications will be delivered to impacted residences. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we completed another successful year of neighbourhood renewal construction. Construction in the Baturyn neighbourhood began in the spring of 2023 and is expected to take 3 years (fall 2025). 

Neighbourhood renewal in Baturyn is progressing on time and on budget.

Updated Year Split

Please note the Project Team has made some changes to the timing of construction. The most prominent change is that road reconstruction work on the collector road (shown in black in the map above) will now be done in 2025. The concrete work along the collector road, including sidewalks and curbs, will continue to follow the year split lines shown below in each year. We recognize that construction has an impact on the community. This decision was made to maintain access to Edmonton Transit Service bus routes that run along the collector road. 

Prior to the start of construction in front of your house, the contractor working for the City will deliver a bulletin outlining the details such as time frames of construction and contact information. The construction work consists of the removal and replacement of public sidewalks, curbs and gutters, as well as street lighting, reconstruction and paving of the road and alleys and landscaping restoration (including sod). Work in parks, public spaces, and work associated with the Corner Store Program will also take place throughout the three-year construction timeline and may be in different years than the road work nearest them. 

What to Expect During Construction

  • Construction will take place on one side of the street at a time, to allow for parking and use of the sidewalk on the other side
  • Alley construction will be staged separate from front construction to allow access to one at a time
  • No parking signs will be installed throughout the neighbourhood where active construction is taking place

If you live in the construction area, you will receive an additional construction notice that provides more information on what to expect during construction prior to work beginning. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we start the first year of Neighbourhood Renewal construction. Construction in Baturyn is expected to take 3 years.

About the Project

Neighbourhood renewal rehabilitates residential roads, replaces street lights, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and adds missing sidewalk links where possible. Other opportunities to improve how people walk, bike, drive and gather in the neighbourhood, and how they enjoy City-owned parks and open spaces are also explored.

A series of public events will be scheduled by the project team which will give residents the opportunity to build a project vision and guiding principles together and provide regular feedback on the different stages of the project including design.

Alley Renewal

Alley Renewal will be included as part of the Baturyn neighbourhood reconstruction. Alley Renewal involves alley reconstruction and repaving, improvements to surface drainage where possible, and upgrading of existing alley lighting to LED fixtures. Utility assessments and repairs, along with removals and pruning of trees and shrubs, are also completed.