Neighbourhood reconstruction is scheduled for Lorelei in 2020-2022 and Beaumaris in 2021-2023.

Construction Update - April 2021


Neighbourhood renewal construction in Beaumaris will begin in May 2021 (see scope map). To prepare for year one of construction: 

Please watch your mailbox for more detailed information prior to construction start-up.


In April 2021, we are entering the second year of a planned 3-year construction for the Lorelei neighbourhood. If you refer to the construction staging map, the 2021 scope of work will include Project 23 as well as all alleys located in these areas as well as the alleys located in Project 24 and Project 25. Work will also be done upgrading shared pathways located in the open space areas throughout the neighbourhood. 

Construction will include the removal and replacement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters, alleys, curb crossings, catch basin realignment, street light replacement, road reconstruction and paving and the placement of topsoil and sod. The open spaces near 100 Street, on the front street in Project 23, and in the alley in Project 21 will also see upgrades with new pathways being added in 2021.

Please watch your mailbox for construction bulletins that will provide more information along with contact details for any concerns regarding landscaping and access.

Local Improvement Decision

Residents in Beaumaris had the opportunity to participate in the Local Improvement decision.

Property owners were mailed a local improvement package dated January 25, 2021 which included information about the sidewalk reconstruction Local Improvement and a form for those who wished to petition against. The 30 day petition period has since expired. Since the City did not receive majority (50% +1) petitions against the Local Improvement, sidewalk reconstruction will take place in all project areas over 3 years of construction for the neighbourhood.

If you have questions regarding the Local Improvement process specifically, please contact

About the Project

Lorelei and Beaumaris have been chosen for reconstruction. Neighbourhood reconstruction in Lorelei started in spring 2020 with anticipated completion in 2022. Beaumaris reconstruction will begin in spring 2021 with anticipated completion in fall 2023.

Neighbourhood reconstruction is a type of neighbourhood renewal that involves road reconstruction and repaving, as well as replacement of street lights and reconstruction of sidewalks, curb and gutter. It also includes the opportunity for 2 local improvements, sidewalk reconstruction and decorative street lights.

Alley renewal is also part of neighbourhood reconstruction.

Neighbourhood Reconstruction

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Lorelei/Beaumaris Neighbourhood Renewal

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