124 Street between 109A Avenue and 118 Avenue will be renewed starting in 2022.

Construction Update - April 2023

124 Street is nearing completion as we prepare to start the second and final year of construction.

2023 construction is scheduled to start May 8. Planned work includes:

  • Renewing the west side of 124 Street, including:
    • Renewing the road with new road surfaces, curbs and gutters
    • Adding curb extensions to support transit
    • Improvements to streetscaping, including tree grates, planting beds, Low Impact Development infrastructure, benches, bike racks and street lights
    • Adding public spaces in front of businesses, including seating and bus bays 
  • Developing a new boulevard design with more trees planted between the south and northbound lanes
  • Improving intersections to enhance operations and safety, such as added lighting, wider sidewalks and shorter street crossings
  • Completing the landscaping and streetscaping features on the east side of the street, including boulevard tree plantings and installing furniture such as seating benches and bike racks

Traffic and parking disruptions will be in place for the full duration of construction. The restrictions will be in place from 111 Avenue to 118 Avenue, starting from 111 Avenue and expanding north as construction proceeds and include:

  • All parking on 124 Street
  • 124 Street southbound lanes will be closed, and northbound traffic will be restricted to one lane 

Residents and businesses will encounter some disruption to their entry access and vehicle parking due to the ongoing construction. Commitments have been made to ensure these disruptions are mitigated and access to each property will be maintained.

Safe Mobility Measures 

The City is expecting an increase in traffic volume and, as a result, an increased risk of speeding along roads connected to 124 Street as a result of construction.

To proactively maintain street safety the City will be installing adaptable curb extensions to slow vehicles, shorten crossing distances and increase pedestrian visibility on 122 Street, 123 Street and 125 Street for the duration of construction.

About the Project

124 Street between 111 and 118 Avenue is a major commuter corridor and was identified for renewal. In September 2018, the City started the strategy phase of the 124 Street renewal project with the objective to take a comprehensive look at the study area to explore how the corridor meets various user needs, determine if upgrades / improvements were required and to ensure the roadway meets current guidelines and safety standards.

A series of public engagement sessions collected feedback and validated the feasibility of suggested improvements. The What We Decided Report describes the final designs for 124 Street renewal, including when and how the City used policy and program information, public engagement input and technical requirements to make project decisions.

This project will be delivered in coordination with Inglewood Neighbourhood Renewal.