124 Street between 109A Avenue and 118 Avenue has been renewed and is open for Edmontonians to enjoy.

Construction Update - October 2023

124 Street Renewal construction has wrapped up for the 2023 construction season! 

2023 construction began in May and was finished the second week of October. The 2023 construction season was a success and we completed all planned construction including:

  • The reconstruction of the road, new sidewalks, low-impact development infrastructure, curbs and gutters and new street lights in the following area from 111 Avenue to 118 Avenue

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we completed the final year of this renewal construction. 


There are some areas in the 2023 construction area that still require sod. Once the weather warms up, typically in early May, the landscaping subcontractor will be completing the topsoil and sod placement. By waiting until spring, the sod is more likely to establish.

Safe Mobility Measures

In June 2023, the City installed curb extensions along 122 Street, 123 Street and 125 Street to reduce shortcutting and speeding on adjacent roads due to construction on 124 Street. The construction is now complete, so the curb extensions will be removed, and traffic patterns are expected to return back to typical conditions.

There is no plan to make these adaptable measures permanent as they were installed only to address speeding and safety issues during construction. Let’s continue to work together to make streets safe and eliminate crash related serious injuries and fatalities by 2032. Please slow down and be aware of other road users.

About the Project

124 Street between 111 and 118 Avenue is a major commuter corridor and was identified for renewal. In September 2018, the City started the strategy phase of the 124 Street renewal project with the objective to take a comprehensive look at the study area to explore how the corridor meets various user needs, determine if upgrades/improvements were required and to ensure the roadway meets current guidelines and safety standards.

A series of public engagement sessions collected feedback and validated the feasibility of suggested improvements. The  What We Decided Report describes the final designs for 124 Street renewal, including when and how the City used policy and program information, public engagement input and technical requirements to make project decisions.

This project will be delivered in coordination with Inglewood Neighbourhood Renewal.