127 Street through Inglewood was completed in 2020. The Westmount portion was completed in 2019. This project was completed on time and on budget.

About the Project

127 Street from Stony Plain Road to 118 Avenue is a project of the City’s Collector Concept Planning program. These projects are areas identified through the Neighbourhood Renewal public involvement process that would benefit from further in-depth public engagement and analysis.

This concept plan for 127 Street was developed in advance of Neighbourhood Renewal in Westmount in 2017 and in Inglewood, planned for 2019–2021.

127 Street through these 2 neighbourhoods is a one-way northbound collector road with parking on the east side and a contraflow bike lane on the other. Northbound cyclists share the travel lane with motor vehicle traffic. This roadway has been a bike route for 30 years and is well-used by residents to access destinations within the neighbourhoods including parks, schools and businesses along 124 Street.

Although 127 Street was not identified in the Bicycle Transportation Plan, as part of the City’s Major Bike Grid, its connectivity across Yellowhead Trail makes it a desirable route for further development as a major bicycle facility, providing Edmontonians a greater range of travel mode choices for all ages and abilities.