Problem Property

Problem properties are an unfortunate reality in our City. These properties are often neglected, in disrepair, and, in some cases, unsafe. They represent a significant risk to the well-being, community safety, and vibrancy of our city. 

Addressing problem properties requires the participation of the community, city and provincial governments, multiple agencies and the private sector. This collaborative approach is important to tackle a problem that impacts neighbours, communities and our City.

Signs of a Problem Property

1. The property has a significant detrimental impact on the surrounding area, including, but not limited to:

  • Excessive or ignored nuisance conditions
  • Land use infractions (how a property is used or built on)
  • Property or Structure deterioration
  • Unlicensed business operations (legal or illegal)
  • Noise violations
  • Boarded Properties with individuals residing

2. The property poses a risk to tenants and surrounding residents, including but not limited to:

  • Safety issues associated with the development of the property
  • Additions, or alterations of buildings without proper permits
  • Illegal and /or unsafe suites
  • Structural integrity concerns -buildings
  • Public health violations
  • Fire risks and hazards
  • Ongoing illegal activity or criminal activities
    (although we will assess these types of complaints, all criminal activity should be reported to EPS, and this reporting mechanism is not a substitute for reporting to EPS)

3. The property has a recurring history of violations and noncompliance

4. The property has a history of willful or deliberate violations by property owners or tenant