Trees bring many benefits to Edmonton’s neighbourhoods and ecosystems. Construction and excavation work can put nearby trees at risk, along with the benefits those trees provide. Impacts that seem small like bark damage and root compaction can cause irreparable damage to a tree, and the benefits provided by mature trees are not replaced by planting a new tree for many years, if ever. The Public Tree Permit process helps people working near City-owned trees work with the City’s Urban Forestry team to preserve trees near their worksites. 

The Public Tree Permit application tool is now available in SelfServe. A grace period will allow time for parties responsible for projects near City trees to apply for Public Tree Permits. To avoid penalties for unprotected trees or work without a permit, submit a permit application with a Tree Protection or Preservation Plan by June 30 so you can have an approved permit in place by July 15 when enforcement begins. Note that incomplete or inadequate applications may take more than 10 days for approval.

Apply for Permits in Self Serve