Dandelions are a part of Edmonton's natural landscape and their presence peaks through May and June. Residents will notice dandelions on City roadways, parks and boulevards.

How the City Controls Dandelion Growth

The City works to prevent the spread of dandelions by mowing and trimming turf, however, there will be noticeable reductions in some services the City provides this season, including dandelion control in parks, sports fields, roads, trails and sidewalks. There will be less weed control in natural areas, naturalized areas, and on all grassy areas. See the full list of service related impacts

The City will no longer use iron chelate on sports fields. Conventional herbicides will be used responsibly to manage dandelion spread to keep the fields usable and safe. Conventional herbicides are just as effective as iron chelate and are more financially responsible. 

The condition of many of these fields is also improved with top-dressing and aeration. Dandelions and other weeds on roadways and in parks will be mowed according to current practice.

Dandelion Treatment on Sports Fields

Fields should be avoided during spraying, but they are safe to use when dry - between 30 minutes and three hours after application, depending on weather. Signs will be posted to advise people when the fields are being sprayed.

How You Can Control Dandelions on Your Property

City of Edmonton bylaws do not prohibit dandelions on private property.

As a property owner, you can control dandelions by:

  • Mowing your lawn regularly
  • Cutting weeds before they seed can keep them under control
  • Routinely pull small patches of dandelions out of the ground by hand
  • Keeping your lawn healthy — Healthy lawns make it difficult for weeds to seed and grow on your property