Naturalization and boulevard/open space trees.

We are developing new tools to support the City Plan goal of planting 2 million new trees and the Urban Forest Asset Management Plan’s forest canopy coverage goal.

Project Update: May 2023

Phase 2 engagement on open space and boulevard trees and naturalization has now closed! A What We Heard report will be released in the coming months. Please watch this space for further updates.

Project Overview

Greener As We Grow - one of The City Plan's Big City Moves - outlines a commitment to protection and conservation of our urban forest while driving climate resilience by planting 2 million new trees as the population grows. This target is part of a larger goal outlined in the Urban Forest Asset Management Plan to reach 20 per cent forest canopy coverage in Edmonton by 2071.

Reaching the goal of planting 2 million new trees will involve naturalization, reclaiming and restoring land and locating viable sites for planting boulevard and open space trees. The City is developing 2 planning tools to support this work.

Naturalization, natural areas and boulevard and open space trees are all important parts of Edmonton’s urban forest