Herbicide Reduction

The City of Edmonton implemented a restriction on herbicide use on June 23, 2015, with exemptions.

Only when necessary is herbicide applied to control noxious weeds, and weeds that would impact safety and enjoyment of our green spaces.

All herbicide applications meet Environmental Protection legislation and Broadleaf Weed Control Standards established by City Council. Strict safety precautions are taken to protect public, employee and environmental health.

Spraying information is advertised in local community newsletters and newspapers. Signs at treatment sites are posted to inform the public of herbicide application for 48 hours after spraying.


Herbicides may be used to:

  • Remove or control noxious and prohibited weeds legislated by the Alberta Weed Control Act
  • Maintain golf courses, bowling greens, athletic facilities, sports fields, cemeteries, and parks used for high profile events
  • Protect against damage to city infrastructure such as sewer pipes, storm water facilities, hard surfaces, and for fire safety along LRT lines

Approved herbicide applications may be used in circumstances where alternative practices or products have failed to manage the weeds on sites where exemptions exist.