Once the design has been completed and approved for construction, the project then moves into the Build Phase. The projects in this section will be either awaiting the start of construction or construction is underway. Although the construction is carried out by the Developer, the City takes an active role in monitoring the work being completed to ensure that it adheres to the previously approved design plan and the City of Edmonton Design and Construction specifications.

Meridian Street - 167 Avenue to CN Track

About the Project

As part of the development of the Horse Hills Neighbourhood, private developers are required to upgrade Meridian Street from a rural road to the first two lanes of urbanized arterial roadway. 

This project will also require the construction of a new culvert and a wildlife passage at the Horsehills Creek crossing. 

As the project will require a year-long closure of Meridian Street from 167 Ave to the CN rail tracks, a traffic detour plan has been created to ensure residents have access to their homes in the area. 

Read the  Meridian Street Developer Road Construction Brochure for complete details of the project.

Revised Project Timeline

Spring-Summer 2022: 167 Avenue WB at Meridian Street closed
August 2022: Meridian Street re-open to traffic
Summer 2023: Meridian Street construction to continue, additional lane closures expected

Developer Engineer

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