The design includes a community recreation centre, indoor cycling track, fitness centre, multipurpose rooms and a child play space.

About the Project

The vision for the Coronation Park Sports and Recreation Centre project is to be a community and social hub for central-north Edmonton that meets the leisure, health and wellness needs of families, youth, adults and seniors.

The project will create more community recreation space and will connect to the Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre, an architecturally award winning aquatic centre. The proposed design includes a fitness centre, walking/running track, gymnasiums, multi-purpose and program rooms, an indoor play space, and an indoor cycling track. It also creates a high performance-training centre for cycling and triathlon in the city with an indoor cycling track to host  competitions.

The project has been advanced in partnership with the Argyll Velodrome Association and World Triathlon Series Edmonton. Along with a financial contribution, these partners have been engaged in facility design and will hold important roles in animating the centre for community and sport patrons.

Project Timeline

This project is in the Design Phase

2021-2024: Anticipated construction

2021: Final design complete (summer 2021) and City Council decision on funding for construction (fall 2021)

2020: Council approved “Build to Program” (fall 2020)

2019: Detailed design

2018: City Council approval of funding to complete the design

2014: Design advanced to 60% completion and Design Development Report completed. Project was put on hold

2013: Schematic Design Report completed

2012: Feasibility study and functional program for Recreation Centre completed

2011: Council motion to explore the possibility of including an indoor cycling track as a component of the Coronation Community Recreation Centre project

2007: Medium Term Recreation Facility and Sports Field Plan approved by City Council. Plan recommends development of Coronation Community Recreation Centre.

Project Overview

In 2007, City Council approved the Medium Term Recreation and Sports Field Plan which identifies Coronation District Park as a site for the development of a community recreation centre close to Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre. This strategy was based on an extensive community needs assessment and public consultation.

Planning for the Coronation Community Recreation Centre, as an addition to the Coronation District Park site, began in 2011.  

Public input was collected in March 2014 after schematic design. The project was put on hold late in 2014 to give facility partners time to fundraise their portion of the contribution toward the project.

In January 2019, the project was re-initiated following funding approval by City Council during budget deliberations for the 2019-2022 capital budget cycle. The project design team validated the existing design with the current standards, codes and requirements.

On November 12, 2020, Council directed that the Coronation Park Sports and Recreation Centre proceed with the completion of design as “Build to Program", meaning that the centre will provide a large multi-purpose community recreation centre and include the ability to host world-class events, year-round with seating for 750 spectators.

The City requires a $36 million adjustment and Council will decide if the project advances to construction in fall 2021.