Peter Hemingway Pool

Rehabilitation and lifecycle project for the Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre.

Project Update - May 2023

The facility remains closed as rehabilitation work continues.  Hazardous materials abatement has been completed and major pool basin repair work is ongoing. Replacement of the HVAC and electrical systems is also underway. Phase two rehabilitation work is planned, but not yet funded.

Project Overview

Peter Hemingway Leisure Centre has been operating since 1971 and was identified as a priority for rehabilitation work to upgrade its 50-year-old mechanical, structural and electrical systems, building exterior, and roof. This work is important to ensure the facility can continue to provide aquatic and fitness experiences to Edmontonians for decades to come.

Phase one of rehabilitation included replacement of crucial lifecycle equipment, occupational health related items, as well as rehabilitation of the pool basin.  During this phase, issues with the building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, and pool basin were uncovered. These affected operations and public safety, and necessitated the continued closure of the facility. 

Phase two rehabilitation work is planned, but not yet funded. This phase would include further life cycle needs of the facility and integration of accessibility and sustainability policies, such as replacing the building’s glass exterior to meet current greenhouse gas reduction targets and building electrical lighting updates to meet illuminance requirements.  A major piece of this project is the replacement of the building exterior — the glass curtain wall panels, roofing, enhancement of roof assembly, lighting, perimeter drainage and new elevator to improve accessibility. Planning and design for this part of the project was coordinated with the City’s Heritage Advisor to ensure the historical significance of the building is respected and protected.