Peter Hemingway Pool

Rehabilitation and lifecycle project for the Peter Hemingway Fitness and Leisure Centre.

Project Update - August 2022

The facility remains closed as phase one construction continues. The following critical work is currently ongoing: 

  • Existing pool basin and mechanical systems demolitions and hazardous materials abatement - completed
  • Major pool basin repair works
  • Replacement of the major HVAC systems
  • Replacement of electrical systems
  • Installation of new finishes

Ongoing phase one work is anticipated to be complete in fall 2023. 

Project Overview

Peter Hemingway Leisure Centre has been operating since 1971 and was identified as a priority for rehabilitation work to upgrade its 50-year-old mechanical, structural and electrical systems, building exterior, and roof. This work is important to ensure the facility can continue to provide aquatic and fitness experiences to Edmontonians for decades to come.

Phase one of this necessary work was scheduled to begin in November of 2021. However, when Peter Hemingway closed in March 2020 due to COVID-19, the project team took advantage of the empty facility in order to complete testing of various components to assist in developing more accurate design and construction cost estimates.

Phase one of rehabilitation began on schedule in fall 2021. Work completed during phase one included the replacement of crucial lifecycle equipment, occupational health-related items, as well as rehabilitation of the pool basin. Phase one work is scheduled to be completed in fall 2023.

Phase two rehabilitation work is planned, but not yet funded. Phase two work includes further life cycle needs of the facility and integration of accessibility and sustainability policies such as replacing the building’s glass exterior to meet current greenhouse gas reduction targets and building electrical lighting updates to meet illuminance requirements. Phase two construction is planned for the 2023-2026 Capital Budget Cycle and is dependent on budget approval.

In the event that phase two construction receives funding, the facility will likely remain closed until full completion in 2026. If phase two is not funded, the facility will most likely reopen in 2023.