The Imagine Jasper Avenue project will revitalize the roadway from 109-124 Street to create welcoming spaces while maintaining access for commuters.

Construction Update: October 2021

The first phase of Imagine Jasper Avenue is complete! Jasper Avenue, between 109 Street and 114 Street is once again open to traffic and pedestrians.

Imagine Jasper includes 2 lanes of motor vehicle traffic in each direction, with a centre left-turn lane, shorter pedestrian crossing distances at each street along Jasper Avenue, wider sidewalks, landscaping, benches, bike racks and a separate bike crossing at 110 Street.

Crews will still be on site for the first 2 weeks of October to finish off the work and the signal upgrade at 109 Street. Please watch for signage and work that may be ongoing.

Project Goal and Highlights

The goal of Imagine Jasper Avenue and Jasper Avenue New Vision is to restore and elevate the avenue, giving it a consistent look and feel, highlighting the downtown core and providing a safe and enhanced experience for those who walk, bike, drive or use transit. Ultimately, the changes will support area businesses and attract visitors.

Highlights of both sections of Jasper Avenue include wider sidewalks, enhanced street furniture and plantings, new street and pedestrian lighting and full roadway reconstruction.