The City is looking at opportunities to redevelop Centennial Plaza to create a more attractive, welcoming and accessible destination.

Project Update - November 2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in the online engagement for Centennial Plaza in October 2020. This was the final engagement for the Centennial Plaza Project. We will review your comments and feedback and, along with City policies and programs and technical requirements, will work towards finalizing the design. 

The Centennial Plaza project is currently in the development design phase with an anticipated construction start in early 2022 if funding is approved by Council in spring 2021. Currently no funds are allocated or approved for construction.

What We Heard
Questions Received Through Engagement

Project Overview

Centennial Plaza is located in Edmonton’s downtown core, between Stanley A. Milner Library and the Westin Hotel (location map) and is part of Edmonton’s Civic Precinct. The Civic Precinct encompasses City Hall, Sir Winston Churchill Square, Stanley A. Milner Library and Centennial Plaza. This space hosts library events, informal gatherings and public events. 

In December 2016, funding was approved to complete the planning and design for the redevelopment of Centennial Plaza located at 9904-9924 101A Avenue behind Stanley A. Milner Library. Detailed design and construction are dependent on future funding.

Re-envisioning Centennial Plaza will align with the strategic direction provided in:

The Centennial Plaza Redevelopment project area includes:

  • Centennial Plaza 

  • Post Office Clock Tower Plaza

  • Library parkade waterproofing under Centennial Plaza 

  • Stair and elevator pavilions on the southeast and southwest corners of the plaza

  • Outdoor amphitheatre (removal)

  • Judy Padua Way

  • Milner Parkade entrance ramp canopy and associated parkade and stair entrances