map of area

The City is redeveloping Centennial Plaza to create a more attractive, welcoming and accessible destination.

Project Update - February 2023

Work continues with the installation of new surface materials in the plaza. Portions of the parkade on level P1 are currently being used to construct form work that will be used for placing the new concrete benches in the plaza.

The construction work and the presence of heavy equipment may create noise, which will have a short-term impact on nearby residents and businesses. 

All City of Edmonton contract workers are required to abide by the City’s Community Standards Bylaw 14600 which restricts noise levels and hours of work. 

Please respect all signage and obey staff direction in this active work zone.

Project Overview

Centennial Plaza is located in Edmonton’s downtown core, between Stanley A. Milner Library and the Westin Hotel (location map) and is part of Edmonton’s Civic Precinct. The Civic Precinct encompasses City Hall, Sir Winston Churchill Square, Stanley A. Milner Library and Centennial Plaza. This space hosts library events, informal gatherings and public events. 

Re-envisioning Centennial Plaza will align with the strategic direction provided in:

The Centennial Plaza Redevelopment project area includes:

  • Centennial Plaza 

  • Library parkade waterproofing under Centennial Plaza 

  • Stair and elevator pavilions on the southeast and southwest corners of the plaza

  • Outdoor amphitheatre (removal)

  • Milner Parkade entrance ramp canopy and associated parkade and stair entrances