Memorializing a loved one is a way to celebrate their life as it provides a focal point for families and friends to visit and remember.

Commemorative Plaques

Commemorative bronze or granite plaques can be purchased to commemorate loved ones laid to rest in select areas including designated scattering garden areas, featured landscaped areas, and participants in the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Program.

A bronze memorial plaque or granite engraving in tribute of a loved one who may be buried or scattered elsewhere may be purchased on designated Commemorative markers located at Beechmount Cemetery (Remembrance Garden) and Northern Lights Cemetery (Book of Memories)

Depending on the area selected, plaques can be designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and personalized with a message, picture, or epitaph.

Commemorative Benches

Commemorative benches may be purchased for placement in Edmonton Municipal Cemeteries on specified locations only. They must be composed of granite and adhere to all monument restrictions and regulations. To place a commemorative bench on other City owned land, please see the Benchmark Program.

Indoor Niche

An indoor niche is a beautiful space to place memories and personal mementos of loved ones. For granite fronted niches, a bronze wreath can be purchased as a memorial. For glass fronted niches, nameplates can be purchased to be placed alongside personal items inside the niche.

Outdoor Niche

There are a wide variety of outdoor niches to choose from in our cemeteries. These are above ground spaces, surrounded by nature, which provide your loved one serenity in a beautiful landscape setting. Depending on the unit selected, personalization of the niche cover can include laser etching on granite, bronze wreath memorial, or engraved granite.provides your loved one serenity in a beautiful landscape setting. 

Commemorative Trees

Commemorative Trees cannot be placed in City of Edmonton Cemeteries. Please see Commemorative Tree Planting for more information.


Every family and situation is unique and different. In order to guide you through the process, the Cemeteries Pricing List is available for reference and review.  If something you have in mind for your loved one is not listed please contact our team to discuss.