Traditional Burials

These are available at multiple picturesque locations. Our service care team is here to guide and assist you in choosing the best option.

Monument, Marker and Plaques

Our service care team is available to assist you in choosing the right monument, marker or plaque for your loved one. See Tributes.

Natural Burials

The City in the concept planning stage of “natural burial” areas in two cemeteries: Northern Lights and South Haven. Over time, these natural burials areas would resemble a woodlands and/or prairie-like environment with native plant life and trees as part of the flora of the designated area.

The natural burial principles include:

  • No embalming

  • Direct earth burial

  • Natural plant life

  • Communal memorialization

We are also exploring a “bio-urn” option. Our research has revealed that it will take over 10 years for a bio-urn to breakdown. In addition, the plant life will not thrive during this process. The City is exploring options that will allow for cremated remains to be placed in an eco-friendly satchel with a plant placed as a marker.  Over time, the area would resemble a garden pathway.

Our goal is to have these services available to our customers in the near future. However, this will require the development of roadways, drainage and the logistics surrounding the natural burial interment process. We will update this information as we solidify our timelines.

Please contact our office at to be placed on the natural burial wait list and to receive updates.  


Every family and situation is unique and different. In order to guide you through the process, the Cemeteries Pricing List is available for reference and review.  If something you have in mind for your loved one is not listed please contact our team to discuss.