You can hold private, intimate memorials with your loved one's cremated remains. You can also scatter, bury or keep the remains.

Note: The cremated remains will have a burial permit or cremation certificate with them. Please have this available to give to staff. This needs to be done before the ceremony takes place.

Interment Options

Burial of Ashes

Having a permanent location to visit a loved one after they pass away can be a treasured family experience. There are several options available for burying cremated remains and our team will be happy to assist you with making the best family choice which can include:

  • Burial in a cremation plot
  • Burial in a full-sized plot
  • Burial in a garden plot with non-traditional memorial

Scattering of Ashes in Cemetery

A scattering can be a meaningful way a loved one can be returned to the earth and to nature. The City of Edmonton has dedicated gardens and space available if you wish to have their ashes scattered. Cremation scattering gardens are available at many City historical and new cemeteries.

Indoor Columbarium Niche

We have two beautiful buildings that house indoor niches. The first is the Cathedral of Memories, located at Edmonton Cemetery and the second is at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

For more information, see Indoor Columbarium Niches.

Outdoor Columbarium Niche

Many people prefer the idea of being interred above ground while still being outside in nature. Most of our cemeteries have columbarium niches available.

For more information, see Outdoor Columbarium Niches.


Every family and situation is unique and different. In order to guide you through the process, the Cemeteries Pricing List is available for reference and review.  If something you have in mind for your loved one is not listed please contact our team to discuss.