Aerial photo of the Edmonton Waste Management Centre

In addition to the main processing facilities, the Edmonton Waste Management Centre houses the following:

Advanced Energy Research Facility

This facility tests methods of producing biofuels and chemicals from mixed garbage.

Biosolids Lagoons

These lagoons store biosolids, the organic material leftover from wastewater treatment. They are managed by EPCOR.

Compost Cure Site

A large outdoor area where yard waste is composted.

Residential Transfer Station

A one-stop service area for residents to drop off waste, recyclables and household hazardous waste safely and conveniently.

Sanitary Landfill (closed)

A former landfill that features systems for groundwater protection, landfill gas recovery and native re-vegetation.

Weigh Scale Facility

Weighs vehicles as they enter and exit the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. This allows the site to track how much waste is dropped off daily.