Thank you for your interest in Neighbourhood Funding. Please note that the 2022 Neighbourhood Services Micro and Connections Grants program is now closed. Applications for 2022 funding will no longer be accepted.  Please visit our website again soon for updates on the 2023 opening date.

The City of Edmonton works with residents, community leaders, registered organizations/associations, and registered businesses to make Edmonton one of Canada’s most livable cities.

Relationships build a neighbourhood. Bringing Edmontonians together at the neighbourhood level, we can collectively identify the nearby assets and engage them to enhance our local experience and quality of life. This is the foundation of asset-based community development.

Through the neighbourhood funding opportunities, residents and groups can strengthen their skills and connections by working together to undertake initiatives that directly benefit our communities.

Goals of Asset-Based Community Development

  • Increase community connections to build a sense of community and community ownership
  • Create opportunities to work with people beyond your circle to create new working relationships and potential partnerships
  • Inspire community volunteers to make their neighbourhoods the place they want them to be
  • Engage assets already in the community and build community capacity
  • Offer practical applications and valuable lessons for caring neighbours who want to make a difference

Engage Your Neighbourhood

  • Think about all the great resources, connections and people in your neighbourhood
  • Think about a really great way to make the community better, share it with someone and come up with a plan together
  • Share and discuss your ideas with others
  • Form a group who share a great idea and are willing to work together and with others to make it happen

Funding for Neighbourhood Initiatives

Thank you for your interest in the Neighbourhood Ice Surfaces grant. The grant was available on a one-time basis in 2021. Applications are not being accepted for 2022.

Do You Know Your Grant Account ID?

With our online grant applications, you will need 2 pieces of information to apply to any grant program:

  • Your City of Edmonton Grants assigned account ID
  • Your organization or applicant email that is registered with the City of Edmonton Grants Office

To create or retrieve your City of Edmonton account ID:

  • Fill out the Account ID Request Form and a city employee will get back to you within 2 business days with your account information