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Learn about funding opportunities to enhance neighbourhood liveability through partnerships.

Neighbourhood Connections Grants are to assist groups with implementing initiatives that will engage and involve different people in their neighbourhood(s). Neighbourhood Connections Grants provide residents, businesses owners and operators, non-profit organizations $350-$2500 in funding and are available for projects which demonstrate they will:

  • Increase community connections to build a sense of community and community ownership
  • Create opportunities for people to work with others beyond their circle to create new working relationships and potential partnerships
  • Inspire community volunteers to make their neighbourhoods the place they want them to be
  • Engage assets already in the community and build community capacity
  • Offer practical applications and valuable lessons for caring neighbours who want to make a difference  

Projects can include block parties, community arts, neighbourhood social or recreation activities.

Applicants can apply for only one City of Edmonton grant for a particular project or initiative.

Neighbourhood Connections Grant


What Can The Neighbourhood Connections Grants funds be used for?

Projects could include but are not limited to:

  • Enhancing community safety
  • Inspiring community connections
  • Celebrating multicultural connections/awareness
  • Promoting beautification and cleanliness
  • Building community capacity
  • Advancing arts in the community

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Projects that have already been completed
  • Ongoing operating expenses or salaries of an organization
  • Facility maintenance or repair
  • Events that charge admission
  • Alcohol or cannabis
What Is the Funding Amount?

Up to $2,500, depending on project scope and criteria. Applicants can apply for only one City of Edmonton grant for a particular project or initiative.

Matching Your Grant

The amount of funds requested must be matched by 25% of the total funding amount" of cash, in-kind donation and/or volunteer labour. For example, if requesting $2,000 to carry out a project, the applicant must have $500 from other sources of funding, in-kind donations and/or volunteer labour.

As of March 15, 2020, the City of Edmonton Neighbourhood Services recognizes the general volunteer labour rate at $20 per hour.

Evaluation of Applications

Neighbourhood Connections grant applications are evaluated by the City of Edmonton using the following criteria. The project must:

  • Be feasible
  • Directly involve residents, businesses, property owners, community organizations and/or other stakeholders
  • Benefit the area (for example, the project must create a positive change in the area)
  • Foster a sense of community spirit (for example, the project must bring the community together, and create connections and interactions)
  • Leave a legacy, such as an annual event, a physical change or greater community capacity
Financial Reporting (Neighbourhood Connections Grant Report)

All fund recipients must submit a Financial Report within 90 days of the project completion outlining how the funds were used, and how the project met the goals of the neighbourhood revitalization strategy. An applicant’s eligibility for future Neighbourhood Connections Funds requires that a completed Financial Report has been verified by the City of Edmonton.

The Financial Report must include:

  • Financial report of actual revenue and expenses 
  • Copies of receipts
  • Project results
  • Example(s) of your advertising/marketing materials showing the City of Edmonton logo
  • Neighbourhood Connections Grant Report
Terms of Use and Right to Audit

The funds received shall not be intended or used for a purpose beyond the objectives outlined by this grant. The Applicant must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and manage its finances.

Projects must be completed within a 12-month time frame.