Logo files are now only available by request through brandteam@edmonton.ca

The City of Edmonton’s visual identity is a cohesive design framework that elevates our brand and ensures continuity across our organization. Communicating with a consistent set of style conventions allows marketing material, corporate messaging and other City assets to be clearly recognizable to Edmontonians. 

Visual Identity Standards guide

Visual Identity Standards: Foundational Elements

This document is a designer manual, specifically intended to support graphic designers and creative professionals in expressing the City’s brand consistently, creatively and effectively.


Compliance to the Visual Identity Standards is mandatory for all staff and materials that do not comply are prohibited.

 The City's VisuaI Identity Standards are under the authority of the Communications Administrative Policy, which applies to all employees, as well as to contractors and consultants working on behalf of the City. Please note the square logo is the City's primary visual identifier. The creation of any other logos to identify, represent, advertise or promote a department, branch, program or other City entity is prohibited.