The City of Edmonton operates its wastewater systems under an Approval to Operate document issued by Alberta Environment and Parks. The planning, design, construction and operation of Edmonton's wastewater treatment plant, wastewater collection system, and stormwater drainage systems are regulated by the Province of Alberta. The approval reflects updated process management systems that seek to minimize the impact of City discharges on the North Saskatchewan River.

Water quality and availability are high priority issues. Drainage Services has already begun to implement strategies and environmental management programs to address these issues.

Alberta Environment and Parks issued the Approval in 2015 after working closely together with the City of Edmonton to identify issues. A number of issues have been identified that require development of different regulations/plans by City of Edmonton and changes in the Approval, including:

  1. The Gold Bar Wastewater Approval was issue to EPCOR by Alberta Environment and Parks;
  2. Continued implementation of the Combined Sewer Discharge Strategy:
  3. Maintenance of the Wastewater System Operations Plan;
  4. Coordination with EPCOR and the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission on the Total Loading Plan.

The Approval document will expire on May 1, 2025.