Intermunicipal Planning

Collaborative Long-Term Planning

Collaborative and integrated long‐term planning with our neighbours benefits the whole region. Our primary goal is to better understand, plan for and responsibly accommodate growth and services in the Edmonton Metro Region.

We work with many partners including: surrounding counties, towns and cities, as well as the Edmonton International Airport, the Edmonton Garrison and the Enoch Cree Nation.

We also work with other levels of governments and other agencies as needed.

Working with our neighbours

Edmonton’s Municipal Development Plan, The Way We Grow, sets out a framework for intermunicipal land use, transportation systems and infrastructure planning and development.

Land development on municipal boundaries is complex because there are different regulations on each side of the boundary. Growth and development inside and outside of our borders affects planning, infrastructure, and the associated costs.

We work with our regional counterparts so that development on both sides of the boundary considers all stakeholders, regardless of jurisdiction.

Current intermunicipal work

    Strathcona County:

    Parkland County:

    • Working towards creation of a Boundary Interface Protocols and Strategies document
    Sturgeon County:
    • Tri-party discussion between Sturgeon County, St. Albert and the City of Edmonton regarding growth needs
    Leduc County:
    • Developing a Memorandum of Understanding to address joint watershed and drainage management, biodiversity and environment, urban planning and associated costs along 41 Ave SW