Edmonton is the centre of a diverse metropolitan region. Four counties, two cities, a Canadian Forces base, and a First Nations community immediately neighbour us. Together, we share a desire to create a vibrant, liveable region that can compete globally.

By adopting a shared-interest approach and borderless planning philosophy, together we can comprehensively plan for coordinated land uses, efficient servicing and effective economic development. This results in better value for taxpayer dollars, and a more resilient region.

We build strong relationships with our neighbours and foster regional prosperity by:
  • Collaborating with Leduc County and Beaumont on an Intermunicipal Planning Framework Agreement to jointly plan the area southeast of Edmonton, including: land use, transportation and servicing plans, and cost and benefit sharing.
  • Leveraging the economic potential of Edmonton International Airport (EIA) through the Airport Accord  - a commitment to jointly plan for land use, servicing,  transportation, economic development and cost and benefit sharing between Edmonton, Leduc County, the City of Leduc and Edmonton Regional Airports Authority.
  • Supporting coordinated land use and infrastructure planning along the boundary between Edmonton and its neighbours through studies, such as the Joint Planning Study with Strathcona County . A similar study is underway between Edmonton, Parkland County and Enoch Cree Nation and is expected to be completed in 2019. These studies foster relationship-building, information-sharing and ongoing discussion around areas of mutual interest.
  • Working with Sturgeon County and St. Albert towards a shared vision for the unique Sturgeon Valley Special Study Area, a partially-developed peri-urban area located immediately north of Edmonton.