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Since 2018, the City of Beaumont, City of Edmonton and Leduc County have been actively working together to address growth along their shared boundaries (known as the study area).

Recent annexations have resulted in new municipal boundaries and created an opportunity for the partner municipalities to collaborate. The partners recognize that they can achieve more sustainable and livable communities through the coordination of joint inter-municipal planning around their shared boundaries.

In February 2020, the councils of the City of Beaumont, City of Edmonton, and Leduc County approved the Intermunicipal Planning Framework (Framework) through a Memorandum of Agreement.

The Framework is a tri-party document that encompasses a joint vision and a set of principles for the study area. The Framework focuses on land use compatibility, cost-effective and efficient infrastructure servicing, and planning for future cost sharing. 

The Framework was informed by existing City of Beaumont, City of Edmonton and Leduc County planning documents and other studies. The Framework is not a statutory plan. This means that it will guide future land use planning and activities in the study area, but will not change current land use designations. 

Next Steps

As the area develops, implementation of the Framework will inform future statutory planning in the study area, including municipal development plans, area structure plans, or area redevelopment plans. Subsequent planning initiatives as part of this project or any impacted future planning initiatives undertaken by partner municipalities will include public engagement opportunities where appropriate. 

The partners look forward to continued collaboration and coordination around their shared boundaries.

Study Area

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Study Area Map

Intermunicipal Planning Framework Agreement Study Area