An aerial view of the North Saskatchewan River

Planning and acting as one metropolitan region in regionally significant area ensures a globally competitive Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Several municipalities form the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board, a regional growth management board mandated by the Province that collectively makes decisions to strategically guide growth in the region. They are working on several initiatives, including:

  • Developing a Regional Agricultural Master Plan by May 2020 to ensure that our prime agricultural resources are wisely managed
  • Creating a Regional Servicing Plan by October 2019 to ensure that our future growth is supported by efficient transportation, transit, water, wastewater, stormwater, solid waste and emergency services

We’re collaborating with our regional partners to promote a sustainable region by: 

  • Supporting Metro Edmonton’s first fully regional economic development company - Edmonton Global - and their mission to strengthen the region’s competitiveness
  • Establishing a Regional Transit Services Commission to deliver better integrated transit services in the region
  • Implementing the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board Growth Plan to ensure that the vision for a vibrant, sustainable region over the next 50 years is realized
  • Exploring integrated service delivery with our municipal neighbours through Intermunicipal Collaborative Frameworks
  • Examining ways to ensure that municipalities that benefit from a service or piece of infrastructure also help pay for it through a regional Shared Investment for Shared Benefit model