Branch Mandate

The Integrated Strategic Development Branch works in partnership with the rest of Citizen Services to provide strategic, business and partnership support for the benefit of Edmontonians.

Branch Organization

Strategic Design

Strategic Design envisions the future of Citizen Services and develops collaborative and innovative priorities, policies and plans to realize new opportunities. By preparing for emerging economic and social challenges - and developing the appropriate strategies, policies and plans to respond - the City of Edmonton can ensure the consistency of public services in the years to come.

If you would like to partner with Strategic Design, please contact Ian Howatt at or by phone 780-496-4886.

Business Performance

Business Performance seeks to transform the Citizen Services Department into a high performing social enterprise. This means leveraging the principles of entrepreneurship such as (social) return on investment and (citizen) dividend and conducting evaluations and market-based research to inform policy and decision making.

The streams of work are aligned across four key units - the corporate process team is embedded into each operating branch and supports operating budgets, risk management and business planning.

The monitoring and evaluation team works closely with the corporate process team to undertake data diagnostics, program evaluations and to work in partnership with branches to transform operational data into business intelligence.

The business analysis and development team leads business case reviews of projects such as Northlands Vision 2020 and brings forward supply-driven work to support the branches in developing social value indicators.

The capital strategy and business case team seeks to align broad strategic policy and planning in order to develop capital programs and business cases with partners to produce infrastructure that positively resonates with citizens.

If you would like to partner with Business Performance, please contact Ian Howatt at or by phone 780-496-4886.

Partnerships and Organizational Development

Partnerships and Organizational Development (POD) has two focuses. First, this section develops and implements strategy, policy, frameworks, processes, systems, tools and technology to support the attraction, development, stewardship, and growth of partnerships in the Department. Second, POD recognizes this work requires a shared skill-set grounded in relationship management, interest based negotiation, conflict resolution, integration, and shared accountability.

For this reason, POD develops the competencies and capacity with our partners required to work in a partnership model of service delivery. One of the ways POD builds this capacity is through The Partnership Centre, an internal consultancy team that supplies training, support and assistance in partnerships for internal and external partners.

If you would like to partner with Partnership and Organizational Development, please contact Ingrid Hoogenboom at or by phone 780-508-9577.