Illegal parking around schools causes congestion and visual obstructions that make it hard for drivers to see pedestrians, especially children, crossing the street. Illegal parking around school areas can be a safety hazard and can create unreasonable disruption to the residents living in the area. 

To help prevent problems around schools, the Edmonton Police Service and Parking Enforcement Officers work together to ensure students, parents and staff members of local schools know where to park safely and legally. 

Common parking infractions around schools include:

  • Parking in a designated accessible parking space (zero tolerance) 

  • Parking in a school bus zone

  • Parking within 5 metres of stop signs and yield signs 

  • Parking within 5 metres of intersections and crosswalks 

  • Parking within 5 metres of a fire hydrant 

  • Parking in an alley 

When dropping off or picking up your children, please park legally and walk to the school.

Grade School Parking

Parking or dropping off children in front of grade schools is not allowed at most schools in Edmonton.

This no parking/no stopping zone ensures that drivers passing the school can clearly see anyone crossing the street.

If you are dropping your children off for school, please park legally down the street and walk them to the door.

Post-secondary School Parking

Students attending post-secondary institutions are encouraged to walk, bike or take transit to their school.

If you do drive, you should park in your college or university's parking lot. If you choose to park on the street, be sure that you obey all signs as many neighbourhoods have parking restrictions that only allow people who live in the area to park there.

Parking in a no parking zone, bus zone or emergency lane is never okay and your vehicle will be ticketed and towed.

School Parking Enforcement

Parking Enforcement Officers work with the Edmonton Police Service on several programs to prevent illegal parking around schools: 

At the beginning of every school year, the City uses the media and advertising to remind drivers about the no parking and no stopping zones around schools. 

  • Uniformed Parking Enforcement Officers patrol school zones and issue tickets to vehicles found in violation of the Traffic Bylaw 5590
  • You may be ticketed without warning and may also receive a ticket in the mail at a later date
  • The City runs an enforcement and education campaign every September after Labour Day. Extra enforcement officers will be on the lookout for illegally parked cars and drivers who park illegally