Parking Enforcement Services manages parking violations for accessible, on-street, private property, school zones and private agency parking.

There are many rules surrounding parking in the City to ensure safety for everyone is maintained. This includes on-street, accessible, private agency, school zones, private property and seasonal parking. Learn what you can do about illegal and abandoned parking or what you need to do if you’ve been ticketed or towed. 

Due to the wide range of patrolled areas, the parking enforcement program is contracted out. Currently, the Paladin Security Group holds the contract.

Important: New Seasonal Parking Ban for 2022-2023 snow season. 

When a Seasonal Parking Ban is declared by the City of Edmonton and residents do not remove their vehicles from their residential streets, their vehicles will no longer be towed to a lot. Your vehicle will be provided with an enforcement tow to the nearest cleared roadway in your neighbourhood. The vehicle owner will be fined $250 (no additional charge for tow fee) in violation of municipal bylaws.

Use the "Find Your Vehicle" lookup tool if your vehicle has been towed during a parking ban or contact the following towing companies directly.

  • Cliffs Towing - 780-451-1555
  • Oil Country Towing  - 780-433-1242