A cleaned off sidewalk in winter.

The City has specific standards for clearing snow and ice from sidewalks in Edmonton. When private property owners fail to meet the standards, bylaw tickets are issued and owners are invoiced the cost to have contractors clean the sidewalks.

Owners do have the option to dispute the bylaw tickets in court and can request a review of the snow clearing invoice. 

The Standard of a "Clean" Sidewalk 

The expectation is that all snow and ice be cleared to the cement/asphalt for the entire width and length of the sidewalk. Sand, gravel and/or ice melt can be laid as a temporary measure while the snow and ice is being removed.

Examples of Good and Bad Cleared Sidewalks

Timeframe to Clear a Sidewalk from a Snowfall

The Community Standards Bylaw #14600 does not provide a timeframe for snow removal. The bylaw states “A person shall maintain any sidewalk adjacent to land they own or occupy clear of all snow and ice“. Snow and ice is to be removed from the sidewalks as quickly as possible.