Do you have problems with people parking their vehicles illegally on your property? 

The Private Agency Parking Enforcement program is a free volunteer program, authorizing agencies to issue City of Edmonton parking tickets to vehicles parked illegally on your properties.    

Currently our agency program consists of shopping centers, Property Management companies, hospitals and private condominiums. Some of our agencies have multiple locations enrolled in the program. 

This program has been in place for over 35 years and is successful due to the multiple benefits it offers:

  • Available parking for those living and visiting on your property
  • Fast and efficient action to deal with vehicles that do not have permission to park on your property
  • Immediate warnings or parking tickets issued to vehicles parked in violation by appointed officers (instead of waiting up to four hours for a Bylaw Parking Enforcement Officer to arrive)
  • Assistance with the abuse of Disabled Parking and Emergency Access Route violations
  • Reduction in the amount of derelict vehicles

Application for the Volunteer Agency Parking Program

Simply provide two entrusted volunteers and complete our Application Package. By following the application process, the volunteers can be trained and ready to go within three months. 

Private Agency Parking

About the Program

Owners or the agency acting on behalf of the owner are eligible to participate in the Agency Program. Businesses and associations such as condominiums, hospitals, malls, schools, retail and service stores can apply to the City to become a private parking agency. A private parking agency requires a Parking Administrator and one Agency Parking Enforcement Officer per site. Agencies may have more than one enforcement officer.

The business or association submits the applications for a Parking Administrator and Agency Parking Enforcement Officer(s) to the Community Services Department. When the applications are approved, the City conducts an inventory of the signs at the agency's parking lots. After this assessment, the Administrator and Enforcement Officer(s) must attend a one-day training session.


The City's program and training is Free. The agency is required to gain security clearances for their parking staff from the Edmonton Police Service.

Call 780-423-4567 for more information about security clearances. 

Application Process

Provide two volunteers and complete the Application Package. 

The volunteers can be trained and ready to go within three months.

Owners must provide proof of ownership as confirmed by a Land Titles Certificate. If you are not the owner of the land (as confirmed by a Land Titles certificate), please provide the following:

  • A letter from the owner authorizing you to act as their Agent and
  • A copy of the Property Management Agreement


  • Other documentation showing that you have permission from the owner to enforce parking restrictions on their behalf

Parking Enforcement Services has the right to request additional proof of ownership or documentation showing permission to enforce Parking Restriction on Private Property.

Administrators submit these documents:

  • Application
  • A signed Letter of Authorization from the Property Owner or any other documentation that provides proof of authority 

Enforcement Officers submit these documents:

  • Resume
  • Three reference letters
  • A current security clearance check from Edmonton City Police or RCMP

All applications must be mailed as originals. No photocopies will be accepted.

Parking Administrator

A Parking Administrator is the person from the agency who acts as a liaison to the City and ensures that officers properly fill out parking tickets. The Administrator cannot issue parking tickets.

Agency Parking Enforcement Officer

An Agency Parking Enforcement Officer writes parking tickets to vehicles parked in violation of the Traffic Bylaw #5590. The officer is only authorized to write tickets on the agency's property where the parking signs are appropriate.