Fee schedules for home builders, homeowners and developers

The fees you need to be aware of when building or renovating a home.

2023 Planning and Development Fee Schedules

This document includes:

  • Land Development Applications and Servicing Agreements Fees
  • Development Permit and Compliance Certificate Fees
  • Building and Trade Permit Fees
    (Note: 2023 Electrical Permit Fees are part of the Building and Trade Permits Fees)

2023 Residential Permits and Fees Listing

Safety Code Council Fees

The Safety Codes Council is an independent, regulatory body that provides safety codes oversight and inspection services.

Safety Code Council Levy

Other Construction-related Fees

These fees support the Sanitary Servicing Strategy Fund (SSSF) which builds major sanitary trunks across the city, as well as the fee for construction that encroaches on City land.

Fees for other City services

Business Licensing

For further information about the new Business Licence Bylaw and other updates, visit the Business Licensing section

Off-site Levies

For information about off-site levies, visit the Off-Site Levy page.

Vehicle For Hire Fees

For further information about Vehicle For Hire applications and fees, visit the Vehicle For Hire page.