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Find your Event Application Form

Submit the appropriate application form based on your location of choice.

Application Process

How do I book a public parkland, roadway, plaza or square space for an event?

To plan an event on City of Edmonton public parklands, roadways (including sidewalks and alleys), plazas and square:

  1. Visit the Civic Events Application process section.
  2. After you submit your application, your request will be assigned to the appropriate City Staff member to guide you through the process.

Please visit rentals & bookings to learn about indoor City facility venues available for events.

How do I get permission for filming, drones and photography?

Filming on City of Edmonton public property may require a permit.  Please visit the Filming, Drones & Photography section of the City of Edmonton website to learn more.

How do I get permission to host a block party?

Please visit the Block Parties and Play Street section for more information, including the appropriate application form. 

What happens after I submit my Civic Events application to the City?

You will receive an automated email from Civic Events acknowledging that the event application has been received once you submit it. The City will review your submission and contact you directly to discuss your application. In high season (May - August) please allow two to four weeks to hear back about your application, and additional administrative time to work through the details with you. The larger the event or festival, the more administrative time will be required.  

If your application is approved, the City will work with you to arrange for the applicable civic services that may be required (ie: road closures, permit applications, and/or special event policing) for the event. 

Once the civic services are determined, a contract will be created for use of the City space based on your specific event requirements and selected location. Please check the Legal Requirements section for additional details.

This is my first time producing an event. What help can Civic Events provide?

If you are new to event planning on City property, visit the Special Event Planning section for details. 

The Province of Alberta has also produced an event tool called "Setting the Stage - A Community-Based Festival & Event Planning Manual" for festival and event producers. The manual provides tools, templates and resources to help committees navigate through the event planning, production and evaluation processes. This is a great resource for all event organizers.

What do I need if I am planning an event in a private facility or inside a City-owned facility?

Events at private or City facilities are required to obtain all applicable permits for the event activities and adhere to all laws, bylaws, and regulations outlined by the facility you are using.

To plan a private event at an indoor City facility please see the list of venues available for rentals & bookings and follow the booking request process outlined.

If the event extends to an outdoor space that impacts City property (ie. roads, sidewalks or parks), a Civic Events Application will need to be submitted.

What is required to hold an event on the North Saskatchewan River?

The docks on City property are available for spontaneous use. However, should your event require use of River Valley Parkland or any City land immediately adjacent to the North Saskatchewan River for access or egress, a Civic Events Application for use of the space is required.

Please see the following links for information about the North Saskatchewan River:

How do I renew an annual festival or event?

Annual festivals and events are given first priority for date and location based on event classification (size, scope, scale). 

If you host a recurring event,​ you may submit a Civic Events Application ​at any time to request space for your next annual event. 

Civic events applications for the current year will be responded to within two to four weeks of the application date. Civic events applications for the following year will be responded to early in the new year.

Note: When submitting your renewal application, historical dates, times, and location requests are prioritized. Additional and/or alternate dates will be considered as new requests, and will be reviewed as dates and locations allow.


Can I have my wedding in a park?

Yes. Weddings may be held in City parks, however, City parks are public spaces and cannot be closed to the public for private events. Your wedding may be impacted by weather, other park events, or people enjoying the park.

See Weddings for more information.

To book a location for your wedding please complete and submit a Civic Event Application.

Can I have fire-related activities at my event?

Possibly. Festivals and events that wish to program fire related activities on City property (including open flame fires, fireworks and fire show performers) must receive permission from the City of Edmonton by completing a Civic Event Application. Please include plans for having fire activities as part of your event details.

You will be required to submit a description of the proposed event, along with a Fire Safety Plan to the assigned City staff member.  

Can I have confetti, rice, or balloons at my event?

No. In order to reduce the environmental impacts of events hosted on City property (including parkland, roads, squares and plazas) the release of confetti, rice or balloons is strictly prohibited.

Can I have an amusement ride at my event?

Yes. Amusement rides can be included at an event provided that they adhere to the Amusement Ride Parkland Regulations.  

When you complete the Civic Event Application, please include plans for an amusement ride as part of your event details.

Can I have inflatables at my event?

Yes. Events may have inflatables provided that they are secured in place appropriately and are supervised according to the details provided on the inflatable structure.

Can I have animals at my event?

Possibly. Due to Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw restrictions, event locations involving the participation or presence of animals are limited.  

Restrictions include:

  • Animals are not allowed in or around any playground, picnic site, gazebo, bandshell, sport field or facility
  • Animals are not allowed in any venue or public space where there is food being prepared and served

For those who wish to host events with animals, a Civic Events Application must be completed, however, approval is not guaranteed.

How do I organize a protest, rally, march or demonstration?

Citizens have the right to conduct a lawful protest/rally/march/demonstration in Canada. The City encourages everyone seeking to hold a protest, rally or demonstration to complete a Civic Events Application available online to initiate the process. A City staff member will contact the organizer to advise on their responsibilities.

When a protest/rally/march/demonstration is conducted within the City of Edmonton municipal boundaries, protest organizers are requested to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The event is expected to a peaceful, lawful gathering that does not promote hatred, violence and/or racism
  • Visual aids used must be family friendly and not display any images or messages that might be found offensive to the public, including the burning of effigies or flags
  • Wording in speeches, music and chants must be respectful, non-discriminatory and family friendly
  • Any conduct that is contradictory to these expectations could result in the event organizer being asked to conclude their activities immediately.

Legal Requirements

Do I need event insurance?

Yes. All events held on public property must provide a minimum of $2 Million liability insurance coverage with the City of Edmonton listed as an “Additional Insured”. Depending on the size and scope of your event, additional liability coverage may be required. The following mailing address for the City as the “Additional Insured” is to be used on the Certification of Insurance:

City of Edmonton
2nd Floor, City Hall
1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5J 2R7

What should I include in my Event Emergency Response Plan?

Organizers are required to provide a detailed Event Emergency Response Plan that identifies and outlines how risks will be mitigated and emergencies responded to during the event to ensure the safety and well-being of participants, staff, volunteers, and the property. The event is required to develop a plan that is proportional to the scope and scale of the event.  

An Event Emergency Response Plan:

  • Assists in identifying risks and potential risks
  • Assists in identifying what measures need to be put in place for the safety and well-being of the public and participants who will be attending the event
  • Reduces the risk of loss of life and property damage resulting from an emergency

The Civic Events & Festivals section has created an Event Emergency Response Plan Template that can be used by event producers to build an appropriate plan for their event.

What happens if parkland turf damage happens at my event?

Any damage that has been created as a result of the event will be repaired by the City with the cost covered by the event. In order to reduce damage to parkland, you may be required to complete an event Turf Management Plan. For more information on reducing damage to parkland please visit our Park Events section.

What bylaws and regulations should I be aware of and follow?

Festivals and events are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to all applicable municipal, provincial, and federal laws and regulations. If you have questions about any bylaws or regulations please contact your assigned City staff member.

Some of the items you will need to ensure compliance with include:

Please note that this is not a complete list. Other regulations and legislation may apply to your event. 

How do I apply for a noise permit?

Limited noise bylaw exemptions are available for events or festivals on a case by case basis. Noise bylaw exemptions can be revoked at any time.

The Community Standards Bylaw 14600, Sections 19​ & 21 regulates the daytime 7am-10pm decibel limits for ​properties zoned as ​residential ​or non-residential respectively. 

If your event is happening ​on private property, the sound cannot exceed 65 dB on a property zoned for residential use, or 75 dB for property zoned for use other than residential between 7am-10pm.

In order to request a waiver to the Noise Bylaw, please fill out the Noise Permit Application Form.

Civic Services

What civic services are available to support my event?

Civic services will be accessed for your event on an “as available and as required” basis.

Once a Civic Events Application has been submitted, a City staff member will work with you to identify the specific civic service(s) that your event may require and the availability of the service.

Examples of civic services include the following:

  • Special Event Extra Duty Policing
  • Permits (Fire, development, vending, and so on)
  • Road closures, detours and traffic accommodation plans 
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Custodial and park servicing (for example: rental of waste receptacles)
  • Access to utilities (power, water, drainage)
Is there a cost associated with civic services?

Yes. The cost of civic services is based on the cost recovery of labour and/or materials provided by the City. Your assigned City staff member will work with the various civic service departments involved in supporting your event to project anticipated costs. A cost estimate will be provided for your review prior to your event.

Do I need to apply for any licences or permits?

Yes. You will need a license or permit if your event...

  • Is operating on City property (for example: parks, roads, sidewalks, facilities)
  • Is an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) event
  • Will have tents or other temporary structures (for example: stages, temporary buildings, scaffolding, bleachers, viewing spaces, and so on) on site
  • Plans to have vendors selling food, beverage or merchandise
  • Plans to have alcohol on site
  • Will include fire related activities (for example: fireworks, fire pits, fire sculptures, fire performance, and so on)
  • Requires a Noise Permit due to potential disturbance to others

Once a Civic Events Application is submitted, a designated City staff member will advise on which permits will be required, and will guide you through the appropriate processes. These are the most common permits and licenses, the list is not complete.

Can I promote my event on the City website?

Yes. The City of Edmonton website has a free Events Calendar that is provided as a public service. The event organizer is responsible for submitting their event info using the Submit an Event Form application. 

How do I increase awareness about my cause or community event?

Community groups are invited to recognize their cause, celebrate and build community spirit in Edmonton. Options include: 

Funding and Sponsorship

How can I get City funding for my event?

The Edmonton Arts Council manages City of Edmonton grant funding for arts and festival activity within the City limits. The Edmonton Arts Council supports artists and arts and festival organizations with a variety of grant programs. To determine if your organization is eligible for funding please visit the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) Grants program.

Does the City provide funding for festivals & events?

The City of Edmonton sponsors a limited select number of one-time events and conferences based on the economic impact they bring to Edmonton.

To find out if your group's event or conference qualifies to apply for civic sponsorship, visit Corporate Sponsorships.

Food, Drink and Merchandise

How can my vending business take part in an event?

To take part in an event hosted on parkland, roadways or Civic Precinct, business owners will need to contact the event organizers directly. The City is not authorized to disclose event organizers' contact information due to Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). Please search the event websites or social media accounts for contact information.

Please visit the Vending Permit section to learn about the requirements to add your business to the list of approved vendors. This makes it easier for festivals and events to include your vending business as part of their activities.

Can I serve or sell food or non-alcoholic beverages at my event?

Yes. Food and non-alcoholic beverages, whether sold or for free, may be served at any event provided that this service is approved by Alberta Health Services (AHS). 

More information can be found on the AHS Plan an Event webpage. AHS requires a minimum 6 weeks notice. The event organizer is responsible for contacting AHS directly at 780-735-1800. 

Festivals and events that plan to have food and beverage vendors on-site must also apply for a Special Event & Umbrella (Festival) Vendor Permit from the City of Edmonton. For more information about the Vending Permit process please see the Vending Permit section.

Can I serve or sell alcohol at my event?

Possibly. The serving and selling of alcohol at an event is regulated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission (AGLC), however, not all events are eligible to serve alcohol on City of Edmonton property. In order to receive a liquor license for an event, the City will review the event plans and determine if the event meets the necessary criteria. 

The event will then need to apply for a Liquor License from AGLC and will work directly with AGLC to complete this process. AGLC requires a minimum of 6 weeks notice.  

Visit the AGLC website for contact information. The main switchboard number is 1-800-272-8876.

How do I obtain a Special Event and Festival Vendor’s Permit?

A Special Event and Festival Vendor’s Permit is obtained by the event organizer by completing an online Event and Festival Vendor Permit Application that lists each vendor that will be selling food/beverages/product/merchandise at the event. You may also start the process by contacting the Street Vending Coordinator at

The Vending Office will review the submitted vendor details to confirm that each has the necessary business documentation to participate. This might include a business license, a food handling permit, insurance and a fire prevention inspection permit. The Vending Office requires a minimum 6 weeks notice.

Tents and Temporary Structures

Can I set up tents or temporary structures at my event?

Yes. Depending on the size of your tent or temporary structure and how long it will be in place, a permit may be required. A City staff member will review your event plans and site map then will advise whether permits are required. For more information please see the Development and Building Permits for Special Events section.

Can I put stakes in the ground during my event?

Possibly. Prior to any in-ground anchoring of tents or other structures that require pegs or stakes longer than 6 inches, the event organizer must arrange for the area to be checked for underground public utilities by Alberta First Call at 1-800-242-3447 or another certified company.

There are some public spaces that will require tents to be weighted with concrete blocks, sandbags, or water weights. Ground spikes are not permitted in these locations. An assigned City Staff member will advise if your event is in one of these spaces.

Can I have access to electricity in a park or public square?

Possibly. Some parks and public spaces have access to electrical services on site, others do not.  Some spaces have electrical services available year-round, others have seasonal services.

There may be a charge for accessing electrical power. A quote for this civic service can be provided prior to the event taking place. An assigned City staff member will advise you further based on the chosen site.

Traffic, Parking and Transit

How do I organize a parade, walk or run?

If you are planning a major event, march, run, or parade you may need a road closure and a Roadway License. Please see the Road Events section for more details.

Can I have a horse-drawn carriage ride at my event?

Yes. Horse-drawn wagon/carriage rides are permitted on public streets and on roads that travel through parkland. Operators must have a valid business license with the City of Edmonton and follow Traffic Bylaw 5590 - Slow Moving Vehicles. This requirement is also required if your event is on private property but the horse-drawn wagon/carriage ride is on public roadways. No additional permits or licenses are required.

If your event is on City property, please include plans for a horse-drawn wagon/carriage ride as part of your event details when you complete the Civic Events Application.

What parking is available for my event?

Parking may be an issue when selecting your event location, especially in high traffic areas such as downtown and in some river valley parks.

When selecting your location, also consider how much space you require for set-up and removal of equipment and resources.

Some common challenges include: limited parking, limited Edmonton Transit service, metered Epark, access to and from parkades, residential parking availability, disabled parking, accessibility and loading zones. Discuss any concerns about parking with your assigned City staff member.

How do I know if an Edmonton Transit bus route will be impacted by my event?

If your event is close to a known Edmonton Transit Bus Stop, it is recommended that you check the specific Edmonton Transit bus route schedule to determine if the route will be impacted by event activities (for example: roadway closures, increased ridership, and so on). An Edmonton Transit Bus Stop can also be used to support your event by promoting it as an alternative method of transportation to get event attendees to and from your event.   

Can I rent an Edmonton Transit bus for my event?

Yes. Edmonton Transit’s convenient charter service is available to any group for a fee.

Depending on the scope and size of the event, Edmonton Transit charter services can be arranged to shuttle attendees/participants to and from the event site. This support can be arranged by discussing the need with your assigned City staff member. 


Where do I find the latest AHS COVID-19 guidelines?

You will find the latest AHS COVID-19 guidelines on the Alberta BIZ Connect website.

I have other questions. Help!

If you have further questions, please contact the Civic Events & Festivals section at or 780-944-7740.

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