Is your organization hosting a provincial, national or international conference in Edmonton, with live active themes? Do you have a ‘Live Active’ initiative that is looking to grow?  If so, your conference, workshop or initiative may be eligible for corporate sponsorship from the City of Edmonton. The low value (under $5,000) sponsorship program is aimed at supporting conferences, workshops or initiatives that enhance or support the City of Edmonton’s  goals of developing a healthy, active city.

A corporate sponsorship will provide cash and/or in-kind corporate services (for example: lanyards, ETS tickets, etc) for your conference or event. In return for such support, the City will expect a particular level of recognition including logo placement, verbal and print recognition, complimentary delegate registration and other recognition opportunities that may be appropriate for the level of  sponsorship being provided.

Corporate Sponsorship Application Process

  1. Confirm that your conference or event is eligible for sponsorship by reviewing the criteria below.
  2. If you determine that your organization is eligible, fill in the Corporate Sponsorship Application Form.
  3. Applicants will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the application.
  4. Application deadlines are twice annually: May 15, (for all applications, January to April) and October 14 (for all applications from May to December 2022). 
    • Deadlines are May 15, October 15 annually. 
    • Available funding will be split equally between the two intake periods. If the first intake does not have enough approved applications to expend the funds, the remaining funds will be moved to the second round of intakes. 
    • Notification of the sponsorship decision will be received within four weeks of the submission deadline. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a registered not-for-profit organization for a least one year prior to application
  • Organization must be in good standing, and not be in arrears with the City of Edmonton
  • Maintain at least $2 million dollars of general liability with the City of Edmonton listed as an additional insured
  • You must demonstrate how the initiative is supporting the goals of the City of Edmonton’s Strategic Plan & Edmonton's Live Active Strategy, fostering physical literacy across lifespans:
    • Edmonton’s The City Plan is part of a larger story. It is guided by the four goals of City Council’s Vision 2050: Healthy Cities, Urban Places, Climate Resilience, and Economic Prosperity. 
    • The Live Active Strategy fosters physical literacy through ‘themes’ of Active Opportunities & Active Environments
  • Final report to be presented to the City upon completion of the conference, workshops or initiative. This should include how City sponsorship funds were allocated and how and what outcomes were achieved. 
  • Live Active initiatives may be eligible for multi-year Live Active Funding, if they qualify. To a maximum of three years.
  • Your conference/initiative/workshop must:
    • Be provincial, regional (Western Canada) or international in scope.
    • Demonstrate how the initiative supports the City of Edmonton's Strategic Plan and the Live Active Strategy. 
    • Not be receiving any grant or other in kind support from the City of Edmonton for the conference, workshop or initiative.
    • Not have occurred in Edmonton for at least 5 years prior. (Some ‘Live Active’ initiatives may be exempt)

Ineligibility Criteria

The following are ineligible for corporate sponsorship:

  • Event/conferences occurring outside of Edmonton's municipal boundaries
  • Events/conferences occurring in the Edmonton region on an annual basis (Some ‘Live Active’ initiatives may be exempt)
  • Single or multi-day festivals, art shows, cultural performances
  • Luncheons, Galas, Awards Banquets, Graduations, Roasts
  • Any event that is not open to all segments of the population
  • Events intended to raise funds for individuals or charities
  • Request from individuals for personal needs
  • Request from for-profit businesses or initiatives
  • Operating funds for teams or clubs (CIOG Grant Available)
  • Request for travel funds (personal or team) (Travel Grants available)
  • Local tournaments, “meets” and other sporting events
  • Purchase of advertising
  • Start-up or “seed” funding

If you find that your organization, conference or event is ineligible for a corporate sponsorship, you may wish to visit Grants & Funding to explore other City of Edmonton funding opportunities.

Organizations requesting a donation for a fundraiser/silent auction, please see Recreation Facility Services Community Support Program Application.