Planning a neighbourhood event

Neighbourhood Services provides support to citizens, community groups and event organizers who are coordinating activities on neighbourhood parkland.

What is a Neighbourhood Event?

Events that are held within community or district parks are considered neighbourhood events. They range from simple gatherings such as birthday parties, picnics and weddings to niche events or festivals organized for the entire neighbourhood or district-wide audience. 

The City recognizes the significant role that social gatherings and community events have in connecting Edmontonians. These activities contribute to Edmonton being seen as a world leader in neighbouring efforts. We support these activities through licensing and guidelines for using public spaces.

Please Note:

A $22/hour booking fee will be applied for niche festivals and events up to 1000 attendees. For events with more than 1000 attendees, additional fees may apply. 

Understanding the important role neighbourhood events play in creating strong and vibrant communities, this fee will be waived for Community League events, free public events and fundraisers with a direct neighbourhood connection.