When is a Roadway License required for an event?

Any time an event requires use of a sidewalk or road, a Roadway License is required. The same criteria as other events held on City of Edmonton property applies: the event must be open to the public and not for private, exclusive use.

There are many types of events that use roadways:

  • Parade / Procession
  • Street Festival
  • Run / Walk
  • Sporting Event
  • Protest / Rally / March / Demonstration

These events may be on sidewalks or roadways. When on roadways, additional civic support such as road closures, Edmonton Transit bus detours, Edmonton Police traffic support, or other civic services may be required. The Civic Events and Festivals Section will work directly with you to facilitate that support and tailor it to your event needs. 

All road closures are regulated by the City Traffic Bylaw 5590.

Roadway Licenses are issued for all permissible events on road space (parades, processions, street festivals, runs/walks, and other event closures). Block Parties and Play Streets are citizen-led events located on residential streets for single block road closures. 

The Roadway License

To host an event on a road or sidewalk, you must first obtain a Roadway License that grants you access to the space required.  To get started please submit a Civic Event Application for review by a Festival & Events Liaison. Your assigned Festivals and Events Liaison will link you to all related civic services and guide you through the licensing process. 

A key part of the Civic Events Application is for a road event to include specific information identifying what areas of the road and/or sidewalk are being requested.  At the time of application please include a map that clearly illustrates the area you would like to use.

  • Stationary Roadway Event - Site Map: For stationary events, please provide a site map that details the use of roadway space, the start and end point of the closure, the requested lane(s) and any adjacent public spaces that will be used.  
  • Moving Roadway Event - Route Map: For runs, walks, parades, sporting events and protest/rallies/marches/demonstrations on roadway space, please provide a route map that identifies the roadway lane(s) and/or sidewalk use, plus the direction of travel.  

There is no cost for the Roadway License itself; however there may be costs related to the civic services required to support your event delivery. Cost estimates will be provided prior to your event. After your event, the City of Edmonton will issue an invoice for the actual work completed on a cost-recovery basis. You will receive an invoice six to eight weeks after the date of the event.