Oliver has been chosen for Neighbourhood Renewal. The planning and design is currently underway with construction anticipated to start in 2026.

Building a Project Vision Together and Exploring Opportunities  - November 2023 

Thank you to everyone who engaged with the Project Team during the Building a Project Vision Together and Exploring Opportunities stage of Oliver Neighbourhood Renewal. The online survey closed on November 17. The feedback gathered will be used to co-create a Vision and Guiding Principles for your Oliver Neighbourhood Renewal and will help to inform the options we share in the Exploring Options and Tradeoffs stage. 

The public engagement activities and participation are now summarized in the Engagement Summary

A What We Heard Report summarizing your feedback will be available in the coming months.

In spring 2024, we will be seeking your input again as we move into the Exploring Options and Tradeoffs stage of Neighbourhood Renewal. 

We commit to using your community’s input in co-creating a Vision and in deciding on key elements to be explored in the development of the overall neighbourhood design to align with that Vision for your Neighbourhood Renewal project.

About The Project

Neighbourhood reconstruction rehabilitates residential roads, replaces street lights, sidewalks, curbs, and gutters, and adds missing sidewalk links, where possible. Other opportunities to improve how people walk, bike, drive and gather in the neighbourhood, and how they enjoy City-owned parks and open spaces are also explored.

At the beginning of the project, the Project Team will work with the community to create a project Vision and Guiding Principles. People who live, work and play in Oliver will be asked for regular feedback on the different stages of the project.

Cost-sharing opportunities will be made available through the Local Improvement process for sidewalk reconstruction and decorative street light upgrades in the neighbourhood. Arterial roads and alleys are not included in the scope of work.  

Working Together to Make the Most of Your Neighborhood

This is your city and your neighbourhood. We want to understand how you experience your neighbourhood and ask for your input on what we might do to make it better. We will engage and work with you on the renewal of roads, sidewalks, street lights and park spaces and promote other community opportunities to enhance how people live and interact in your neighbourhood. We commit to being open and transparent about how your input is used. Let’s make the most out of your neighbourhood. 

Truth and reconciliation is important to the City of Edmonton, and we recognize the neighbourhood name Oliver may be difficult for some residents. In June 2021, the Oliver Community League announced it officially opposed the name and developed a working circle of community members to determine a new name. A new name has been chosen by the community and is going to be presented to City Council in February 2024. Until that time, the City will continue to refer to the neighbourhood as Oliver.