Neighbourhood Renewal includes the North East Roads Program to address issues on roads in that area.

Construction update - April 2022

This spring, construction of the next scope of work will begin in Mayliewan and Ozerna. 

During construction, crews will be on site to renew the existing asphalt and road base, install pipes to collect excess groundwater, place new road base and perform miscellaneous concrete repairs and asphalt paving. 

Work will be done in the following areas:

North East Roads Program 2023 Scope Map

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Construction booklet

About the Project

The North East Roads Program (NERP) is the replacement of roads which require special drainage enhancement due to soft subgrade conditions that exist in the northeast neighbourhoods of Ozerna, Mayliewan, Belle Rive and a small portion of Eaux Claires. During construction, access is limited and residents will be affected by parking restrictions. Prior to the start of work, a construction bulletin will be sent outlining the work to be done and parking restrictions.