Alley Renewal started in North Glenora in 2021.

Construction Update - May 2022

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start the second week of June 2022. Prior to the start of construction in your particular alley, the Contractor working for the City will deliver a bulletin approximately 5 days before starting the work. This bulletin will outline the anticipated construction start date for your alley and will include the Contractor’s contact information. Signs at the entrances of your alley will also be put up at this time for further awareness of the scheduled construction start date. 

The nature of this project is to reconstruct the alley to a new residential or commercial standard as applicable. The construction will consist of removing the existing road structure, placing a new gravel base, conducting minor concrete replacement and installing new asphalt pavement. Please note that you will see some preliminary work that will occur before any full alley closures. This work may include survey layout, design reviews, daylighting of existing utilities, minor drainage work and saw-cutting. 

Please watch your mailbox for bulletins that provide additional information. 

North Glenora Project Area Scope Map

About the Project

Alley renewal involves alley reconstruction and repaving, improvements to surface drainage wherever possible, and upgrading existing alley lighting to LED fixtures. It also includes the opportunity for a local improvement to add alley lighting if property owners are interested.

North Glenora was chosen for alley renewal with construction starting in spring 2021 and continuing into 2022.