A curb crossing local improvement can be requested by property owners.

About the Program

A curb crossing (sometimes referred to as a curb cut) lowers the height of the curb to improve street access to a property. Construction of a curb crossing involves removal of the existing concrete curb, and installation of new, lower profile concrete from the street to the driveway.


A valid Curb Crossing Permit is required prior to applying for curb crossing construction. To apply for a permit, please call 311 for details about required documentation. 

Once a permit is issued, contact the Local Improvement office to submit an application for curb crossing construction by emailing your request to localimprovement@edmonton.ca. You can either apply for the permit in person at the Edmonton Service Centre or online at Self Serve Permits and Licenses.

This process only pertains to those who want construction completed by the City and the cost to be paid by the property owner through a Local Improvement. Property owners also have the ability to have the construction completed themselves following the requirements of the permit if they prefer. In this case, it is not necessary to proceed with the Local Improvement process.

Applications must be received by September 15, and completed Expression of Interest forms (required for multiple property owners), submitted no later than October 15 for construction the next year.

If an application for a curb crossing will affect multiple property owners, such as in a multi-family property/condominium, the City will mail a Local Improvement Notice to all affected property owners. Once the notice is issued, property owners have 30 days to petition against the local improvement. A majority of the affected property owners must sign the petition in order to defeat the local improvement.


Curb crossing construction rates are dependent on the number of construction locations, market prices and interest rates. The total cost to the property owner(s) is calculated based on the size of the curb crossing that is required. 

The City does not fund or subsidize this local improvement. Property owners are responsible for 100% of applicable costs.


Curb crossing construction costs are assessed to the property owner. In the case of multiple property owners, the cost will be assessed to all—this is why the agreement of the majority of property owners is required.

The Local Improvement assessment/cost will be added to the homeowner's property taxes the year after installation.