Malmo Plains has been chosen for neighbourhood renewal beginning in spring 2021 with anticipated completion in 2022.

Construction Update - May 2021

Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-May in Malmo Plains. If you live in an area that will experience construction, the Contractor working for the City will deliver a bulletin outlining details such as timeframes of construction, landscaping and access information. This will happen prior to the start of construction in front of your house.

Work will take place within project areas 10, 11, 12, and 13 over the course of the construction season (see Project Areas map).

The first phase of construction involves initiating the installation of the new decorative street lighting across the neighbourhood. 2021 renewal areas will be prioritized for lighting upgrades, but if resources and weather conditions allow, the entire neighbourhood may receive new lighting by the end of the construction season.

Sidewalk replacement and roadway renewal work will begin in the western portion of the neighbourhood and will progress eastward over time.

When the roadway work in an area is complete, the landscape subcontractor will work to restore all disturbed landscaping and planting along each block.

Local Improvement Decision

Residents in Malmo Plains had the opportunity to participate in the Local Improvement decision.

Property owners were mailed a local improvement package dated January 21, 2021 which included information about the sidewalk and decorative street lighting Local Improvements and a form for those who wished to petition against either decorative street lighting or sidewalk reconstruction. The 30 day petition period has since expired. Since the City did not receive majority (50% +1) petitions against either of these Local Improvements, decorative street light installation and sidewalk reconstruction will take place in all project areas over 2 years of construction for the neighbourhood.

If you have questions regarding the Local Improvement process specifically, please contact:

About the Project

Neighbourhood Renewal construction work in Malmo Plains will replace street lights, curbs and gutters, sidewalk and driveway connection links and any removed landscaping (including new sod). In addition, road rehabilitation and asphalt paving will be completed. There will also be park and public space renewal.

Cost sharing opportunities were made available through the Local Improvement process for sidewalk reconstruction and decorative street light upgrades in the neighbourhood. Arterial roads and alleys were not included in the scope of work.

A series of public events were held by the project team which gave residents the opportunity to provide regular feedback on the different stages of the project including design.

What We Decided - February 2021

The What We Decided Report describes the final designs for Malmo Plain's neighbourhood renewal, including when and how the City used policy and program information, public engagement input and technical requirements to make project decisions.

What We Decided

Neighbourhood Reconstruction

Learn more about what you can expect in your neighbourhood during construction.