The redesigned bus network, launched on April 25, 2021, is designed to better connect customers through more direct and frequent routes.

Share your comments about the bus network, send feedback for possible adjustments, or let us know what you like about the redesigned system.

If you require immediate assistance or have a comment about the current service, please contact 311.

What time do you want to start and end the trip to your destination? (for example, 8:30am - 9:15am):

Did You Know?

How your feedback will be used: Customer reports are useful to identify potential service adjustments and to better understand how customers use the network. ETS will consider different trips in the network and how routes and schedules could be changed.

How decisions are made to adjust service: Changes are evaluated based on many criteria including the number of customers affected by the change, alternative service available to the customer requesting a change, cost and service standards outlined in policy C539A. If changes are warranted, they are prioritized and implemented when funding is available. Minor changes are made five times per year, with most changes taking place in September.