The City is developing a new concept design for the central stretch of the river valley in 2 distinct project areas: Rossdale and the North Shore.

Project Overview

The river valley is a place people have been drawn to and gathered at since time immemorial. The City is exploring ways to improve access to the central river valley with the Touch the Water Promenade project. If the project moves forward, it would include opportunities to celebrate heritage, encourage recreation and connect people with nature.

Public Engagement - July 2021

The Touch the Water Promenade project in the Rossdale Area will be moving forward with the next phase of design work. If you live, visit, move through or simply enjoy this area of the river valley, we want to hear from you! 

Help us shape the preliminary design for the Rossdale Area from July 19 to August 3, 2021 by visiting Engaged Edmonton to complete our online survey, ask our project team questions and more.

Your feedback will be used to further develop the design for the Touch the Water Promenade. The final concept design will serve as a long term plan that could be built through phases over many years, as funding is available.

Get Engaged

July 19 to August 3, 2021 - Share Your Voice. Shape Our City.

Project Update

Based on  What We Heard during Stage Two engagement in fall 2020, the City has developed a  Preferred Concept Design (19MB). Although a single concept design was developed for both the Rossdale and North Shore project areas, only the Rossdale Area will be moving forward with additional design work at this time. Stage Three engagement will focus on the Rossdale portion of the project.