City Council and Standing Committee agendas, minutes, livestreams and recordings of meetings are available for public viewing using the Agenda and Minutes calendar. For further information on how to view agendas, minutes and live streams, visit the Office of the City Clerk Frequently Asked Questions.

Meeting Updates and Council Correspondence

When available, Selection Sheets, Speakers Lists, Council Correspondence and other meeting related documents can be found attached to the relevant meeting using the calendar below. If you cannot access a document, please call 780-496-8178 or email for assistance.

Public Participation

Members of the public may choose to participate at Council and Committee meetings in person or remotely. In-progress meetings can be viewed online via Council on the WebCouncil Chamber YouTube Channel and the River Valley Room YouTube Channel.

Zoning Bylaw Renewal

The proposed new Zoning Bylaw (Charter Bylaw 20001 and Charter Bylaw 21001) will be presented at a City Council Public Hearing on October 16/17/18, 2023. You can register to speak to Council about this item by completing this participation form. Learn more by visiting the Zoning Bylaw Renewal Initiative web page.