A lifeguard at Mill Creek Pool.

The Mill Creek Pool Rehabilitation Project is updating one of Edmonton’s most popular outdoor pool facilities to extend its lifespan, improve accessibility and ensure it continues to provide residents with memorable aquatic experiences.

Project Update - Spring 2024

The Mill Creek Outdoor Pool remains closed as rehabilitation work continues. The facility is anticipated to reopen in summer 2024 to accommodate project timelines and prepare the facility for opening.  

Until the Mill Creek Outdoor Pool reopens, residents can go to the nearby Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool, which is located at 9170 Walterdale Hill. This facility offers a zero-depth entry to the pool, 1 and 3-metre diving boards, a water slide as well as inclusive change rooms and washrooms.  

Project Overview

The Mill Creek Outdoor Pool, one of Edmonton’s most popular outdoor pools, opened in 1953 and was selected for rehabilitation in 2018. The planning and design of the rehabilitation project was completed in spring 2022, and a project budget of $7 million was approved in June 2022. 

New pool standards for Alberta went into effect in November 2019 and included anti-entrapment, water chemistry and recirculation requirements. All necessary updates to meet the new pool standards are included in the rehabilitation project.

The Mill Creek Pool Rehabilitation Project will upgrade or replace the facility’s filtration, disinfection, mechanical and electrical systems to ensure the facility aligns with current building codes as well as health and safety standards. The project will also extend the lifespan of this popular City pool. 

Following the completion of this rehabilitation project, the Mill Creek Outdoor Pool will have the following features:

  • L-Shape swimming pool offers 40 metres of aquatic activity space 
  • Zero-depth entry enhances accessibility for all pool users by providing a gradual entry into the pool (to a depth of 2.5 metres) 
  • Inclusive change rooms and washrooms 
  • Accessible change room and washroom
  • New water slide
  • Sundeck, picnic and seating area

These features aim to ensure the pool remains a beloved and sought-after summer destination for years to come.